Care Instructions

We have outlined these detailed care instructions so that all our valued customers get the most out of their treeeach festive season! We will provide a physical copy of care instructions to all customers when they receive their tree.

1. When the tree is collected or arrives for delivery, 2-3cm will be cut from the base of the tree. If you live further than 30 mins from the pick up location, cut a further 2-3cm off the base of the tree and place the tree in water when you arrive home.

2. Ensure that the tree is placed in water as soon as possible. It will drink a lot in the first 24hrs. Following this, the water will only need to be topped up every 2-3 days. We recommend checking water levels daily.

3. Let the tree naturally take shape once you remove the netting. Do not decorate the tree for 24hrs after its arrival if possible.

4. If the tree preservative was purchased, place half the tree preservative into the stand / bucket where the water is located when the tree first arrives. Place the second half of the tree preservative in the bucket after 48hrs.

5. If the stay green spray was purchased, spray the tree before decorating with a solid coating. Once decorated do not spray the tree again.

6. Ensure the tree is set up where it will receive no direct contact with the sun.

7. Do not set up your tree near an air conditioner or otherwise the needles will dry out.

8. The trees will drop needles throughout their life. These can be easily vacuumed up. However, for easy clean up, you can place a old blanket underneath your tree to collect the needles.

10. There should always be water in the bucket, however, if at any stage the water runs dry, re-cut 2cm off the base of the tree so that it can drink again. If you do not cut the base again your tree won’t be able to drink.